Felix Cartagena
The Bubble Guy

"The Bubble Guy," a.k.a. Felix Cartagena, is a
bubble entertainer, inventor, kite flier, and extraordinary volunteer. He does not call himself a performer, preferring to say that the bubbles themselves are the performance. And these performances have taken place in Delaware, Ohio, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Massachusetts, the District of Columbia, and recently Colorado.

Above, one of the many children enjoying Felix's bubbles at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.

Felix started developing bubble machines to help identify wind directions and speed for kite flying. He was presented with the Honorary Order of the Kite Award by the Maryland Kite Society, and is also known for pioneering the use of a flexible, transparent plastic material to create his Stained Glass Kite.

Felix has freely shared the plans for a number of bubble machines with others. His "Ephemeral Sculpture Machine" bubble machine (at right) was displayed at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, MD, where he also taught a class called Gizmo-ology 101: Inventing, Bubbles, and Inventing Bubbles.

The Delaware News Journal called him the "Pied Bubbler of Delaware," recognizing his years of taking his bubble inventions to entertain at parks, festivals, charity walks, concerts, fairs, and other community gatherings without ever accepting payment. As he explains, it is "not a business ... just a lifestyle."

Some fans who had moved to Colorado recently honored Felix by starting a website for him, and supporting a public event called Bubbles over Colorado, which was held May 7-9, 2004, at the Blue Skies Inn in Manitou Springs, Colorado. We're hoping this will become an annual event.

Felix was also selected as one of the "58 fascinating people" featured in the book Friends, Neighbors and Folks Down the Road by Ed Okonowicz and Jerry Rhodes.

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