Alice Plasterer Stickler
the professor's daughter

Alice Stickler is carrying on the family bubbling tradition of her father, Eiffel Plasterer, who could be called the father of bubble performing in the United States.

Eiffel, who was known as "Professor Bubbles" and the "Bubble Wizard," taught high school physics and chemistry in Huntington, Indiana, and developed his bubble show from those interests. He gave 1,500 performances for schools, community groups, science center bubble festivals, and on the television shows Late Night with David Lettermann, You Asked for It, Real People, the Dick Cavett Show, and The Tomorrow Show. He died in 1989.

Alice assisted her father in his performances for years and, after his death, decided to carry on the tradition. She continues to perform her "Fun with Bubbles" shows in Indiana, including one of her father's favorite tricks, that is, making a bubble "climb" a wire, appearing to defy gravity.

See a story and video of Alice and her father at the DePauw University website.

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