Have a Bubble Party

You can have a great bubble party for a child's birthday
or just to celebrate spring!

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Check out your local toy store, party suppy store, or large discount store (Target, Walmart, etc.) in the party supplies section. You will usually find several themes that have bubble blower party favors: SpongeBob, Blue's Clues, Thomas the Train, and others are popular recently.

You can also go to a dollar store and see what they have. They frequently have carded packages of several bubble wands and maybe even bubble solutions that make great party packs for the kids.

Personalized bubblesIf you can't find anything you like locally, check out orientaltrading.com which sells a lot of bubble items in quantity for low prices.

Get regular bottles of bubble solution, and cover their labels with ones you print or draw. They can say, "Jimmy's Bubbling Sixth Birthday" or something like that. Use wide clear tape to cover your labels so that the words don't run when they get covered with bubble solution.

You could also try some of the "touchable" bubbles, usually available in toy stores or the toy sections of big stores.

Candy bubbles There are also candy bubble solutions -- personally, I don't find them very tasty, but the kids often like them. They can blow the candy bubbles and then try to catch them in their mouths.

Bubble machine You might want to check a rental store to see if they rent out heavy-duty electric bubble blowers. These will blow bubbles for hours (using a lot of bubble solution) and work particularly well if you can have your party outside. Caution: the bubbles can make the floor or even the grass slippery, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

If it's too cold to have the party outside, have the blower outside the front door so that as children come, they enter through a shower of bubbles!

Clear balloons For decorations, try clear balloons hanging from the ceiling or filled with helium to look like giant bubbles.

Bubble wrap with the big bubbles is also great fun to use for decorations and for the kids to pop -- they love it.

There are also some bubble-themed cake decorations (SpongeBob and Hello Kitty are the ones that comes to mind).

Bubble music You can have contests to see which child can blow the biggest bubble, who can catch the most touchable bubbles on his hand, who can blow a bubble that travels the farthest (have the wind at their backs to take advantage of the extra push). The kids could also work cooperatively to build a huge "bubble pile," stacking as many touchable bubbles as possible on top of each other.

Use bubble music ("I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles," 'Tiny Bubbles") to play a musical chairs game.

OK with fingers Let the kids experiment to see which common things make the best bubble blowers. Set out straws, spools from thread, pipe cleaners, wire circles made from hangers, colored telephone wire, the plastic circles from six-packs, slotted spoons or spatulas, cookie cutters, paper cups with the bottom cut out, strainers, big beads, funnels, berry baskets, potato chip tubes and milk cartons with the ends cut off, the metal circles you use to take eggs out of Easter coloring, chains of paperclips, rubber bands, and other things you find around the house. Also try using the circle made by your index finger and thumb in an "O.K." sign as a bubble blower.

In good weather, have the kids come with bathing suits. Follow a bubble recipe (recipes here) that includes glycerin and put a couple inches of the solution in a child's small plastic wading pool. It's best to make the solution a day or two ahead of time, but cover it so it doesn't evaporate too much.

Boy in bubble Put a hula hoop or something like that in the pool and have each child take a turn standing very still in the middle of the pool. Make sure your hands are covered with the solution (so you don't pop the bubble yourself) and lift the hula hoop quickly and you can put the child in a huge bubble. You will probably want to practice this ahead of time.

Take pictures of each child in a bubble and send them out with thank you notes after the party.

Bubble art Try Bubble Art. Mix 1 to 2 teaspoons of tempera or poster paints (or 8-10 drops food coloring) into a cup of bubble solution. Use a straw to gently blow into the bubble solution until bubbles flow over the top. Lay a piece of white paper gently on top of the bubbles and hold it steady until several bubbles pop, and then lift off carefully. The paper absorbs the paint, leaving bubbly art. You can also blow bubbles onto white constuction paper to make bubble art. It may work best if two people team up, one blowing the bubbles and the other catching them on the paper. Let your pictures dry before moving them. You can see more details on making bubble prints here.

Keep up the bubble theme with the food you serve:

Round food Real foods: Serve swiss cheese, spaghetti rings and meatballs, melon balls, a cheese ball, carrot chips, hot dog slices, rice balls, matzoh ball soup, Swedish meat balls, Brussel sprouts (but not for kids -- that's mean), cream puffs, spinach balls (recipes on the web), fish balls, pearl onions, cucumber slices, falafel balls, oranges, grapes, chicken nuggets, bagels.

Snacks: donut holes (with powdered sugar), blow pops, ice cream dots (if you can find them) or make ice cream balls, popcorn balls, round cheese puffs, tapoica pudding, jaw breakers (not for little kids), round cookies, M&M's.

PunchDrinks: fizzy water, hot chocolate with marshmallows, carbonated punch. Or, best of all, give kids glasses of chocolate milk with straws -- they'll make their own bubbles!

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