Action Bubble Blowers


You may not think of bubbles in association with Christmastime, but there are actually a number of ways bubbles and Christmas go together. For example, a number of "action" bubble blowers -- ones that run on electricity, batteries, or by winding up -- have Christmas themes.


"Santa's Action World" Bubble Blowers

A series of bubble blowers -- the "Santa's Action World" blowers produced by Kurt S. Adler, Inc. -- top the list of action blowers. The bubble blowers in this series are very attractive and well-made. Since about 1994, the Adler company has produced different blowers each year, and they are great fun.

The Santa's Action World bubble blowers are consistently advertised as "tree or mantle action ornaments." However, they are pretty large and bulky for hanging on a Christmas tree and do much better on a sturdy level surface. Most if not all of these Adler bubble blowers can run on batteries or be powered by a power transformer, and provide for both continuous and delayed action.

Bradley the Christmas Bubble Bear is the first action blower from Kurt Adler, Inc., that I know of. It is the 1994 "Santa's Action World" model. Bradley has on a Santa hat and jacket. He can run on batteries or a power transformer, and has continuous or delayed action.
Black Santa
Christmas Bubble Santas were produced by the Adler company in 1995. Both black and white Santas were made, although I've only seen one of the black ones. Again a power transformer saves on batteries.
White Santa
Edgar, the Christmas Bubble Elephant, is also dated 1995 in the Adler series. Edgar, in his Santa hat, dips his trunk into the bubble solution and blows a stream of bubbles into the air. Edgar runs on electricity, so you never run out of power.
The 1996 entry in the Santa's Action World series is the Coca-Cola Bubble Blowing Polar Bear. The bear can operate on two "C" batteries or you can use a power pack transformer (not included) to run with electricity. He has continuous or delay functions for his bubble-blowing.
Coke bear
A recent entry in the series of bubble blowers is Bubble Blowing Snoopy. Snoopy holds Woodstock in one hand while he blows streams of mini bubbles with the other. As with others, Snoopy works off batteries or a power transformer.
Sesame Street's Elmo came out as a wintertime action bubble blower in 2001. He blows mini bubbles and can run on either batteries or with a power pack transformer.


Other Christmas Action Bubble Blowers

Teddy Santa
Other Christmas Action blowers include several models of Santas, a snowman, and a Santa teddy. All run on batteries.

Lehmann Toytrain (a model train company) and Pustefix (a German bubble company) got together to create this G-scale train car that blows bubbles. It fits all G-scale layouts, and uses batteries for its bubble blowing action. There is another train car like this that has a magician on the top, but is not Christmasy.

Train car
Christmas bear

This bubble blower is a ceramic Christmas bear, run by a battery-operated motor that fits inside. These are sold unfinished for ceramic hobbyists to finish.

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