Bubble Blowers starting with M
Red pen M&M Mini's Pen
Circa: 2000?
Company: M&M's
Front of box Marvin the Martian Bubble Rocket
Circa: 1990s
Company: Warner Bros., Looney Tunes
Doll & wings McDonald's Bubble Angel Barbie
Copyright: 1994
Company: Mattel
Set of three McDonald's Seifenblasen-Spiel
Copyright: 1994
Company: McDonald's (Germany)
Close up Mermaid Barbie, Bubbling (black)
Copyright: 1996
Company: Mattel
Close up Mermaid Barbie, Bubbling (white)
Copyright: 1996
Company: Mattel
Front view Mickey Mouse Bubble Pipe
Copyright: 1972
Company: ChemToy Corporation, Walt Disney Productions
With stones Millenium 2000
Copyright: 1999
Front view Monkey, Plush
Circa: 1950s
Company: Made in Japan
Front view Monster (Frankenstein)
Circa: 2000
Company: Funrise Toys Canada
Orig. Price: $9.99
4 oz. & 8 oz. bottles Mr. Bubbles Bubble Solutions
Circa: 1940s on
Company: Tootsietoy
Front view Mr. Fox the Magician
Circa: 1950s
Company: Yonezawa Toy (US distribution by Cragston)
Mr. Salt/Mrs. Pepper Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper (Blue's Clues)
Copyright: 1999
Company: Little Kids Inc.
Orig. Price: $5.99
Close up Musical Bear
Copyright: 1990
Company: Botoy, Tai Way (Shing Kee) Toys Co. Ltd.
Front view Musical Bubbly Clown
Copyright: 1988
Company: BCP/BAR/DWL
Close-up Musical Wedding Pen
Circa: 2003
Orig. Price: $5.95