Bubble Blowers starting with W
WALL-E WALL-E Bubble Blower
Copyright: 2008
Company: Funrise Toy Corp., Disney, Pixar
Orig. Price: $29.00
Yellow pipe Walt Disney Bubble Pipes: Donald Duck
Circa: 1950s?
Company: Lido, W.D.P.
Orig. Price: 10¢
Front view Washing Bear, Bubble Blowing
Circa: 1950s
Company: Rosko Steel Inc. and Y Toys
Front view Water Blossoms
Circa: 2001
Company: Mattel
Orig. Price: $15.99
Weedwacker Weed Whacker Bubble Blower
Circa: 1970s?
Dark and light gray whales Whale, Gray Plastic
Circa: 2000?
Company: Tangent Toy Co., Sausalito, CA
Orig. Price: $6.00
Woozy Wizard and Princess Wilhelmina White Castle Bubble Blowers
Copyright: 1989
Company: White Castle Systems Inc.
With box Wild West Rodeo Bubbling Bull
Copyright: 1959
Company: Linemar Marx
Orig. Price: $2.00
Front view Winnie the Pooh
Copyright: 2000
Company: Disney Store, Inc.
Orig. Price: $15.00
Bubble Bee Pooh Winnie the Pooh Bubble Bee
Copyright: 2001
Company: Disney Store, Inc.
Close-up of Pooh Winnie the Pooh Bubble Figure
Copyright: 1999
Company: Strombecker Corp., Disney
Bubble solution Winnie the Pooh Bubble Solution
Circa: 2000
Company: Disney Store, Inc.
Pooh Winnie the Pooh Squeezer Bubble Blower
Circa: 2000
Orig. Price: $2.00
Out of box Winnie the Pooh with "Bobby" Pot
Circa: 1990s
Company: Made in China
Bubble Wish Wands Wish Wand, Bubble
Copyright: 2008
Company: Dream Blew Inc.
Orig. Price: $28.00
Witch Witch Bubble Blower
Circa: 1990s?
Company: Made in China
Pipe and box Wizard Bubble Blower
Circa: 1940s?
Wonder Soap Bubbles Wonder Soap Bubbles
Copyright: 1951
Orig. Price: 10¢
Woody pipe Woody Woodpecker Bubble Set
Circa: 1960s?
On card Woody Woodpecker Musical Blower
Circa: 1960s?