Books about Bubbles

Books about bubbles range from toddlers' picture books exploring bubbles to school bubble activities to college textbooks that delve into surface tension and other very technical topics.

Bubble Festival
Bubble Festival: Presenting Bubble Activities ...
Copyright: 1999
Company: GEMS, U of Calif, Berkeley
Orig. Price: $16.00
Bubble-ology book
Copyright: 1986
Company: LHS GEMS
Orig. Price: $13.50
Bubbleology: A Hands-on Science Kit
Copyright: 2003
Company: innovative KIDS
Orig. Price: $19.99
Children's Museum Activity Book: Bubbles
Copyright: 1979
Company: Little Brown & Co. (Boston)
Clifford Counts Bubbles
Clifford Counts Bubbles
Copyright: 1992
Company: Scholastic Books, Inc.
Orig. Price: $3.95
Prof. Bubbles book
Professor Bubbles' Official Bubble Handbook
Copyright: 1987
Company: Greenleaf Publishers
Orig. Price: $5.95
Science of Soap Films
Science of Soap Films and Soap Bubbles, The
Copyright: 1992
Company: Dover Publications
Orig. Price: $14.95
Hardback book
Soap Bubbles: Their Colors and the Forces ...
Copyright: 1959
Company: Dover Publications, Inc., NY
Orig. Price: $5.95
Soap Science
Soap Science: A Science Book Bubbling ...
Copyright: 1993
Company: Perseus Publishing
Orig. Price: $9.95
Bubble Magic
Tom Noddy's Bubble Magic Book
Copyright: 1988
Company: Running Press
Orig. Price: $8.95
Book and wand
Unbelievable Bubble Blower and Book
Copyright: 1995
Company: Klutz Press, Palo Alto, CA
Orig. Price: $14.95

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