Fast Food

McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, White Castle, and Subway are among the fast food restaurants that have handed out bubble-blowing items as premiums to children.

Front view Hardee Bubble Star
Copyright: 2000
Company: CKE Restaurants, Namkung Productions
Orig. Price: $9999.00
Doll & wings McDonald's Bubble Angel Barbie
Copyright: 1994
Company: Mattel
Set of three McDonald's Seifenblasen-Spiel
Copyright: 1994
Company: McDonald's (Germany)
4 colors Ronald McDonald Bubble Wand
Copyright: 1998
Company: McDonald's
Orig. Price: $9999.00
Wand and dish Ronald's Bubble Shoe Wand
Copyright: 1992
Company: McDonald's
Orig. Price: $9999.00
Woozy Wizard and Princess Wilhelmina White Castle Bubble Blowers
Copyright: 1989
Company: White Castle Systems Inc.