Guns and Blasters

Bubble blowers in the form of guns or "bubble blasters" are fairly popular. Two basic styles are guns that blow bubbles themselves, and water guns that are used to shoot bubbles.

Black gun on card Dynamic Bubble Gun
Copyright: 1958
Company: Atomic Industries, Milwaukee, WI
Orig. Price: 48¢
Ghost bubble shooter Ghost Bubble Shooter
Copyright: 2004
Company: Professor Bubbles (?)
Orig. Price: $15.00
Side view Gun, Tin (Daiya)
Circa: 1950s?
Company: Daiya
Side view Gun, Tin (Exelo)
Circa: 1950s
Company: Exelo
Box with yellow shooter King Size Bubble Shooter
Circa: 1950s?
Company: Mecklenburg Specialties, Charlotte, NC
Orig. Price: 89¢
Front on card Knickerbocker's Bubble Blaster
Circa: 1950s
Company: Knickerbocker, No. Hollywood, CA
Orig. Price: 59¢
Side view Zooka
Circa: 2000?
Company: Koosh, OddzOn
Orig. Price: $14.99