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Items in this category do not make bubbles, but relate to bubble blowing in some way. Items such as books and puzzles with a bubble theme are included in this category.

Bobbie Bubbles Bobbie Bubbles
Copyright: 1916
Company: Rand McNally
Bubble Festival Bubble Festival: Presenting Bubble Activities ...
Copyright: 1999
Company: GEMS, U of Calif, Berkeley
Orig. Price: $16.00
Puzzle box Bubble Flower Jigsaw Puzzle
Copyright: 1997
Company: SunsOut Inc.
Orig. Price: $14.00
Bubble-ology book Bubble-ology
Copyright: 1986
Company: LHS GEMS
Orig. Price: $13.50
Bubbleology Bubbleology: A Hands-on Science Kit
Copyright: 2003
Company: innovative KIDS
Orig. Price: $19.99
Bubbles Children's Museum Activity Book: Bubbles
Copyright: 1979
Company: Little Brown & Co. (Boston)
Clifford Counts Bubbles Clifford Counts Bubbles
Copyright: 1992
Company: Scholastic Books, Inc.
Orig. Price: $3.95
Prof. Bubbles book Professor Bubbles' Official Bubble Handbook
Copyright: 1987
Company: Greenleaf Publishers
Orig. Price: $5.95
Advertisement Rowntree's Chocolate Ad
Circa: 1940s
Company: Rowntree
Science of Soap Films Science of Soap Films and Soap Bubbles, The
Copyright: 1992
Company: Dover Publications
Orig. Price: $14.95
Hardback book Soap Bubbles: Their Colors and the Forces ...
Copyright: 1959
Company: Dover Publications, Inc., NY
Orig. Price: $5.95
Soap Science Soap Science: A Science Book Bubbling ...
Copyright: 1993
Company: Perseus Publishing
Orig. Price: $9.95
SpongeBob Puzzle SpongeBob Jigsaw Puzzle
Circa: 2002?
Company: Nickleodeon, Mattel
Bubble Magic Tom Noddy's Bubble Magic Book
Copyright: 1988
Company: Running Press
Orig. Price: $8.00
Book and wand Unbelievable Bubble Blower and Book
Copyright: 1995
Company: Klutz Press, Palo Alto, CA
Orig. Price: $14.95