Bubble Solutions

Bubble-blowing solutions are quite cheap and colorful collectibles. Early solutions came in glass bottles, but most these days are plastic. Many of the bottles themselves are standard, but the labels vary.

Aladdin Bubbles Aladdin Bubbles
Circa: 1950s
Company: Aladdin Sales Company, Jersey City, NJ
Orig. Price: 10¢
Atomic Bomb Bubbles Atomic Bomb Bubbles
Circa: 1950s?
Beatles Bubbles Beatles Bubbles (fantasy item)
Copyright: 1964
Company: NEMS Enterprises Ltd.
Bubble Joy Bubble Joy Bubble Solution
Circa: 1950s
Company: Virginia Chemical Corp., Lynchburg, VA
Orig. Price: 10¢
Paper envelope Bubble-Trix
Circa: 1950s?
Bulles Jabon Bulles Jabon (Pooh & Friends)
Circa: 2002?
Company: Made in China
Ludo brand Candy Bubble Solution
Circa: 1999
Company: various
Orig. Price: $3.00
Catnip Blowing Bubbles Catnip Bubble Solutions
Circa: 2000
Company: various
Green Coke bubbles Coca-Cola Bubbles
Circa: 1970s
Company: Coca-Cola Bottler
Orig. Price: $9999.00
Davy Crockett bubbles Davy Crockett bubble solution
Circa: 1950s
1 solution Dulcop Bubble Solutions
Circa: 2000
Company: Dulcop (Italy)
Glitter bottles Glitter Bubbles
Circa: 2000
Company: Dulcop
Bottle Hello Kitty Bubble Solution
Circa: 1970s?
Company: Sanrio Co., Ltd
Imagineering bubbles Imagineering Bubble Solution
Circa: 1990s?
Company: Walt Disney
King Size Bubble Soap King Size Bubble Soap
Circa: 1950s
Orig. Price: 10¢
4 oz. & 8 oz. bottles Mr. Bubbles Bubble Solutions
Circa: 1940s on
Company: Tootsietoy
Bubble solution Non Toxic Bubble Liquid
Copyright: 1996
Company: Little Kids, Inc.
Bubble solution Pillsbury Doughboy Bubbles
Circa: 1970s?
Company: Crazy Bubbles
3 scents Smell This Scented Bubble Solutions
Copyright: 2000
Company: Smell This Scented Bubbles
Orig. Price: $9.00
Bottle Snowden and Friends Bubbles
Copyright: 1998
Company: Krazy Bubbles, Target
Bubble solution Winnie the Pooh Bubble Solution
Circa: 2000
Company: Disney Store, Inc.
Wonder Soap Bubbles Wonder Soap Bubbles
Copyright: 1951
Orig. Price: 10¢